Pick to Light Order Consolidation Demo

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See how you can dramatically increase order picking and packing productivity with a put-to-light order consolidation wall as part of your warehouse automation system.

Numina Group’s RDS suite of pick-to-light and put-to-light order consolidation technologies allow companies to increase order efficiencies and reduce labor costs by using to put-to-light order consolidation.

Mark Hejmej of Numina Group demonstrates the ease and efficiency gained with batch picking using a put wall.

Put walls work great for:

  • High volume SKUs
  • Goods-to-person (G2P) order consolidation using a put wall/pack wall combination
  • High-density storage
  • Kitting
  • Small parts

In this video, all order picking and put-to-light tasks are guided by Numina’s RDS Real-Time Warehouse Execution and Control (WES-WCS) software platform.

Numina Group is a leading provider of warehouse automation solutions, including software, material handling equipment, warehouse robotics, systems integration, and implementation services.

Learn more about Numina’s RDS Family of Warehouse Automation Solutions:

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