One-Step Print and Apply |Pack Slip Under Ship Label

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Boost fulfillment productivity with Numina’s fast automated application of a 4″ X 6″ packing slip underneath a shipping label.

This short video shows efficient automated printing and application of the pack slip in a seamless workflow with minimal worker touches using Numina Group’s One-Step™ Fulfillment System.

Numina’s One-Step print and apply solution is a next-generation warehouse labeling system that integrates the best hardware, software, and print-and-apply labeling technology to fully automate and accelerate the application of packing slips and shipping labels.

Numina’s One-Step solution offers many benefits:

  • Automatically print and apply labels and packing slips
  • High speed, processes as many as 25 cartons/minute
  • Increase order throughput by eliminating manual tasks
  • Improve order accuracy
  • Reduce shipping material costs

One-Step Print-and-Apply is a component of Numina’s RDS Family of Warehouse Automation Modules.

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