Medical Device Company Increases Order Fuflillment Productivity by 200%

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Watch this video to see how Merit Medical leveraged a new warehouse automation system to improve productivity, handle higher order volumes and enhance customer satisfaction levels.

Merit Medical doubled warehouse productivity, reduced labor costs, and shortened its order-to-delivery cycle by replacing its single order pick-to-paper process with Numina Group’s warehouse automation system. Numina’s RDS™ Warehouse Execution and Control (WES-WCS) software platform synchronizes all order fulfillment activities in real-time for optimal performance.

RDS has replaced manual processes with sophisticated order release planning software, pick-by-voice technology, an automated conveyor system, automated print-and-apply, automated shipment manifesting, and other warehouse automation equipment. RDS voice technology guides workers through every aspect of the pick, pack and ship operations, resulting in huge productivity gains and an order accuracy rate of 99.9%.

Merit Medical has gained a highly efficient automated warehouse system that can easily scale up to handle future growth, and has also provided a rapid ROI.

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