Introducing Pakt – Pack and Ship Automation Simplified

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Pakt™ All-in-One Pack & Ship Automation for a 5X Increase in Order Throughput

Pakt, Numina’s all-in-one modular, scalable, post-pick, end-of-line pack-and-ship solution, automates the final 100′ of a DC’s order fulfillment operation. Pakt automates and streamlines manual order fulfillment tasks such as tote-based picking, keying, packing, document insertion, package weighing, and manually applying ship labels. As a result, warehouse staffing requirements are dramatically reduced.

By automating these tasks, Pakt reduces labor costs by $350K per shift for every 10 manual workers in your order fulfillment pack and ship operations. You’ll achieve a 12-to-18-month return on investment (ROI) for single-shift operations and a 6-to-9-month ROI for two-shift operations. Pakt is ideal for warehouses shipping 2,000+ pre-packed cartons and full case parcels daily.

Pakt is an end-of-line warehouse automation solution that reduces touches, increases throughput, and reduces labor requirements in the 100 feet of the pack-and-ship operation.

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