E-com Distribution Automation-Cold Chain Food 3PL

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Green Rabbit was experiencing dramatic growth and needed a more efficient way to fulfill orders. They turned to Numina Group to design and implement leaner more efficient order fulfillment practices with the right blend or warehouse automation.

The results:

  • Improved customer service – built in pick, pack, and ship verification for the highest order fulfillment accuracy and throughput – plus, speed for meeting same day customer delivery windows
  • Tripled throughput – increased throughput from 8,000 to over 24,000 orders per day
  • Labor Savings – eliminated reliance on overtime and seasonal workers while increasing current workforce productivity
  • Reduced training time – reduced on-boarding new employees from 60 hours to under one day
  • Space utilization – pack and ship automation eliminated wasted floor space requirements of manual manifesting stations
  • Enabled Rapid Growth – Automation enabled 60% year over year growth across three DC operations

Learn more about the software automation solutions that made this possible by reading the Green Rabbit case study.

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