Promat 2023 is here! Power up your fulfillment operations with Numina Group.

Last year’s Modex show was all about robotics, and we’re anticipating more of the same at Promat this year. What we’ve observed is that many robotic automation vendors solve for the same problem with slight degrees of variation to improve picking productivity.  As integrators, we have an inside view about which organizations have the best robotic solutions for your operation, we’ll even demo a few of our AMR partners in our booth.

Our core belief is that Order Fulfillment is a triathlon comprised of 3 events: picking, packing, and shipping. You’re only as fast as your slowest event. That’s why the solutions that Numina Group will be showcasing go beyond robotics. With Numina Group solutions such as RDS Warehouse Execution and Control System, Victory Voice, and Pakt – pack and ship automation, you can maximize your investment by improving productivity across the entire distribution center.

Numina Group, known as the Warehouse Automation Experts, has created a must-see stop at Booth #S3718 this year. Join us to see how we’ve combined the latest advances in scalable warehouse execution software and pick, pack, and ship automation to optimize order fulfillment operations.

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Numina has over 35 years of experience as an independent systems integrator in the material handling market and is a trusted resource for designing and implementing cutting-edge warehouse automation solutions for order fulfillment and distribution operations.

This year, Numina Group is offering several live, ongoing demonstrations in Booth #S3718, including:

And much more. We’ve implemented a diverse range of high-performance warehouse automation solutions in more than 1,000 facilities in North America.

World Premiere – Pakt – Pack and Ship Automation Simplified

At the show, Numina Group is also proud to unveil its new product, Pakt™- Pack and Ship Automation Simplified. Pakt is a modular, scalable, family of pack-and-ship automation that streamlines the final 100’ of a DC’s order fulfillment operation.

Pakt is the industry’s only productized pack-and-ship solution, reducing lead times for time and avoiding the added costs associated with a custom-engineered solution. Pakt is available to purchase or as a Automation as a Service Model.

A Pakt line will be operating at Numina’s booth starting with the opening bell on Monday morning. Numina Group will have warehouse automation experts available to discuss what they can do to improve your distribution and fulfillment operations.

The Numina Group Difference

Numina is differentiated from other warehouse automation companies by our comprehensive solutions and services:

We can help you choose the right blend of automation to increase productivity and scale your business, such as RDS™, real-time warehouse control and execution software, voice picking technology, AMRs, and G2P solutions, combined with end-of-line pack and ship automation.

Our warehouse automation experts will be on hand to answer your questions. Learn how Numina Group works with their clients to define, design, and implement warehouse automation solutions to optimize their operations.

For information, please Contact Us Today.

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