Parcel Forum

Jennifer Maloney
June 5, 2019

Numina Group will exhibit at Parcel Forum in Dallas, TX October 28 – 30th .

Parcel Forum 2019 is the only conference dedicated to professionals who are responsible for shipping, warehousing, packaging, distribution, and delivery of parcels.  Stop by Parcel Forum Booth #419 to learn about pick, pack, ship automation solutions that accelerate distribution performance.

Stop by Numina Group’s booth to discuss how our RDS™ Warehouse Execution and Control Software, a Tier 1 WES-WCS, automates the pick, pack, and ship order fulfillment process. RDS is packed with advanced software modules, including order release, cartonization, pick-to-light, and voice picking that will deliver instant value to your operation.

The RDS Voice Picking Solution, North America’s leading speaker-independent voice technology, streamlines order picking, unifies pick, pack and ship into a single process, and includes a full family of high performance automated pack sheet and print and apply labeling solutions, eliminating distribution bottlenecks.  

Numina Group first performed a warehouse design study to determine the best investment and whether voice picking was the best means to increase the productivity in the order fulfillment operation. During the design study, Numina Group’s engineers collaborated with the company’s logistics executives and operation’s team. 

The team reviewed the current picking and store delivery processes and then defined and flowcharted leaner processes that would streamline and improve the picking operation. The team looked at a few technologies, but it was quickly apparent that voice-directed picking had the fastest ROI.

RDS™ Software Automation Modules Include:

• Order Release Optimization
• Cartonization, Wave Release, Work Zone Balancing
• Pick by Voice – Smart Batch Cart, Fork Truck, Pick to Conveyor
• Pick to Light
• Put and Pack to Light Order Consolidation
• Order Fulfillment and Returns Sorters
• Labor Tracking and Reporting
• Inline Scan-Weigh-Dimensioning (SWD) with Vision Audit
• Conveyor Controls and High Speed Sortation
• Pack Sheet Print and Insertion Automation
• Print and Apply Labeling for Pack Slips, Pack Sheets, Shipping Labels, Compliance, ASN, UCC, HazMat
• Interfaces to virtually every WMS/ERP System
Define & Design Engineering Services:
• Facility Selection & Sizing
• Value Stream Mapping
• Process Improvement Design Services
• Turnkey Distribution Center Implementation & Automation
Evaluation, Selection and Integration
• Robotics
• Racking System Design
• Material Handling System Design
• Conveyor and Sorting System Integration
• WES-WCS Integration and Implementation
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