Expert Warehouse Design Services to Streamline Labor & Optimize Fulfillment

Looking for an independent systems integration partner to provide expert advice on process improvements and technologies that will optimize your warehouse operations? 

Numina Group engineering staff are experienced in design planning and implementing the latest warehouse automation solutions.

For over 35 years, we’ve helped companies of all sizes achieve maximum operating efficiency with the latest advancements in WES software and warehouse design automation, and implementation services. 

Warehouse Design & Time Studies

Onsite, in-depth assessment of your existing or planned facility to analyze capabilities of the available space.

Order Fulfillment Process Analysis & Improvement

Review of current distribution processes to identify gaps, redundancies, disconnects & bottlenecks to achieve greater efficiency.

Facility Size Requirements

Building design review to determine how much space is needed and how to maximize what is available.

Product Slotting And Profiling

Review of product placement to maximize storage, accelerate replenishment and optimize order picking & packing speed.

Warehouse Technology Selection

Data analysis, combined with an agnostic review of all of your technology options to ensure your investment yields a measurable ROI.

System Integration

Implement a continuous flow pick pack, and ship operation

Define and Create an Effective Modern Warehouse Design matched to the Operation Needs

We’ll partner with your team to define, design and analyze the blend of technologies required to implement a warehouse automation solution that delivers “perfect order performance” and a rapid return-on investment, ROI.

Download our helpful warehouse automation project checklist. It’s a great way to get started.

Process Improvement + Automation

Our team of industrial engineers perform a thorough review of your current processes and workflow to identify means to increase efficiencies and reduce labor and define process improvements across the entire operation.

We’ll additionally help you evaluate and benchmark the efficiencies gains you’ll obtain with the right processes and automation technologies when deployed at your operation.

Tier-I Warehouse Execution & Control Software, WES-WCS Automation

Numina Group creates an optimized design and has the software tools and expertise to manage and control the entire warehouse automation solution. Our Real-Time Distribution, RDS™ is a rock solid, industry leading WES-WCS software platform.

RDS offers the most advanced order release optimization module and real-time control response to track and manage warehouse order fulfillment activities.

RDS simultaneously executes, controls and synchronizes order picking and movement activities using our modular family of material handling automation solutions that improve order workflow efficiencies across the entire warehouse operation.

The RDS™ suite of automation modules include:

Order Release Optimization & Wave Management

Order release with work balancing across multiple zones to streamline labor & maximize efficiency.

Multi-Modal Voice Picking, Pick to Light Technologies

Voice-directed or light-directed picking, combined with hands-free barcode scan validation to increase accuracy to 99.99%!

Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs)

Automate & synchronize batch picking carts as they transport orders through the pick, pack & ship process.

High-Speed Pack Automation

Automatically print, fold, and insert packing sheets or documents into pick completed cartons or totes.

Inline Automated Scan-Weigh-Dimension

In-motion 3-D camera based scan-weigh-dim weight measurement and shipment validation for cartons or poly-bags.

Automated Print and Apply Labeling Technologies

High-speed, automated printing and application of shipping and compliance labels to outbound cartons.

Automated Conveyor & Sorting Solutions

Pre-developed controls for MDR & traditional conveyor systems and sorters including Shoe, Tilt-Tray, Bombay, and Cross-Belt order fulfillment.

ASRS & Mini-Load Systems

Integration of the world’s leading providers of high performance robotic automated picking, storage, and retrieval solutions.

No Need to “Rip & Replace” Current Systems

Numina Group’s RDS solution integrates with your existing ERP or WMS system to streamline the entire distribution operation and eliminate many of your biggest challenges.

Ready to learn more about Numina’s expert design and layout services, and our approach to helping companies like yours create a Roadmap to Success?

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