Warehouse Control System (WCS)

Warehouse Control System (WCS)

A warehouse control system (WCS) is a warehouse automation platform that directs the real-time activities within warehouses and distribution centers (DC). WCS systems are typically integrated with a warehouse management system (WMS) to provide additional controls and functionality to the WMS. Warehouse control systems coordinate the timing and tasks of the facility’s equipment and staff, directing a wide range of receiving and fulfillment activities in a warehouse or distribution center.

A warehouse control system is typically integrated for real-time data exchange with the WMS system and/or enterprise resource planning system (ERP) to receive order and product information and ensuring an efficient product flow across different material handling equipment and sub-systems such as automated storage and retrieval (ASRS) systems, autonomous mobile robots (AMRs), tote shuttle in goods-to-person (G2P) picking, carousels, conveyor systems warehouse robots, conveyor systems, sortation systems, palletizers and more.

Warehouse control systems contain the functionality to automate and streamline many processes in replenishment, picking, packing, shipping, and other areas of warehouse operations. WCS systems provide real-time data and analytics to support decision-making in using resources, labor, and equipment to control operating costs.

Advanced WCS systems such as Numina’s RDS™ Warehouse Execution & Control System have warehouse execution system (WES) capabilities, which expand the functionality of the WCS. A combined WESWCS includes all the machine controls of the WCS but extends its functionality by adding order release management and advanced labor management tracking. Combined WES-WCS systems deliver superior results, including:

  • Rapid ROI
  • Increased order fulfillment accuracy rates to 99.9%
  • Increased overall profitability by 30% or higher
  • Reduction in labor costs ranging from 30% to 70%

The Importance of a Warehouse Automation Design Plan

When you’re investing in automation to optimize your warehouse, the best path to success is to follow a well-conceived warehouse design plan backed up by expert engineering and integration services to ensure success.

The best results are achieved by undertaking a detailed warehouse automation design plan to benchmark current performance, identify process improvements and determine which warehouse technologies will yield the desired production goals and highest possible ROI on the investment.

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