Numina Group and Zebra Partner to Deliver World Class Automation Solutions with Best in Class Hardware

  • Lower Labor Costs
  • Increased Warehouse Productivity and Profitability
  • Reduced Order Fulfillment Cycle Time

Are you looking to increase productivity and efficiency by automating pick, pack and ship warehouse operations? Numina Group’s Real-time Distribution Software (RDS) includes a family of high performance warehouse automation modules that will integrate to your existing ERP/WMS to streamline the distribution operation.

As leading warehouse automation experts for over 30 years, we design and deliver distribution solutions that are guaranteed to maximize performance and increase profitability at new and existing warehouses.

WT6000, RS6000 and HS3100 Scanning in a Warehouse

RDS™ Voice – Automated Voice Directed Order Fulfillment
  • Includes optimized order release based on shipment priority rules
  • Improves warehouse picking accuracy to 99.99%
  • Provides 30% to 50% better process productivity
  • Cartonizes orders up front, directs operators to pick directly to shipping carton
  • Captures SKU, lot, and serial IDs
  • Manages pick waves, work zone balancing, and order releases
  • Optimizes travel path for batch carts, fork trucks, pick to conveyor
  • Tracks worker productivity by task and work zone
  • Uses speaker-independent voice technology for zero voice training
  • Streamlines picking, kitting, receiving, and replenishment
  • Pre-developed WMS/ERP system interface modules


RDS™ Pick-To-Light Automated Order Picking
  • Enables 350-500 picks per hour with a single mobile solution
  • Retrieves orders, item locations, and quantities automatically
  • Directs pickers to the correct items and locations
  • Wearable technology interleaves pick to light with mobile barcode or RFID scans
  • Provides the highest productivity and validation method
  • Is simple to operate with minimal training required
  • Integrates easily with existing WMS/ERP systems

Go-Zebra Trade-In Program

Numina Group can help you modernize your order fulfillment operation and eliminate the reliance on people, paper, and obsolete Windows-based terminals by taking advantage of the GO Zebra Trade-In Program. The program provides cost-savings, with a trade-in program for your warehouse productivity upgrade. We’ll assist you in purchasing qualifying devices and submitting the claim form. Speak to your Numina Group representative about discounts when upgrading terminals purchased from Numina Group that are not covered under this rebate program.

How It Works: Hands-Free and Voice-Directed Automation

RDS, a modular and scalable Tier 1 Warehouse Execution and Control System (WES-WCS), combines with Zebra mobile technologies to create an end-to-end warehouse automation solution.

RDS Voice is a complete order fulfillment software suite that includes order release, cartonization, and labor tracking and reporting.

RDS Voice and Pick-to-Light solutions work seamlessly together on the Zebra TC52 and/or the WT6000 Android mobile computers. Operators are equipped with Zebra’s wearable ring scanners and headsets to enable real-time voice and display messages to direct operator work activities. By integrating voice with hands-free scanning, the picking process becomes 30% faster and more accurate.

Our solutions simplify, streamline, and automate warehouse picking, lot serial capture and pick and pack into a single order fulfillment process for B2B and E-Com operations. Get a system tailored to your operation’s needs from an integrator with a proven track record of delivering the highest productivity and efficiency throughout your distribution operation.

  • RDS Voice and Pick-to-Light

    Intelligent, hands-free, and voice-directed processes in a single mobile software solution

  • Zebra TC52 Touch Mobile or WT 6000 Wearable Computers

    Apps, voice, data and mobile productivity is easy-to-use when combined voice and messages operate on Android touch screen devices

  • Zebra Ring Scanners

    Corded and Bluetooth camera based ring scanners for fast, hands-free, and accurate data capture

  • Zebra Headsets

    Rugged corded and Bluetooth headsets for maximum comfort, clear voice directed work instructions in even the noisiest environments with unbeatable durability

  • Higher business profits, Better customer service.

    Contact Numina Group to find out how RDS Voice or Pick-to-Light and Zebra Technologies will automate and optimize your warehouse.

RDS Voice Enabled Terminal Mobility Software