Put Walls, What are they and Why Might Your Operation Need One?

Learn how Software Revamps a Flexible, Economical, and Rapidly Deployable Solution to generate a quick ROI

Are you looking for new ways to accelerate and increase order fulfillment throughput without increasing labor costs? Put Walls have many beneficial uses in the warehouse or distribution center. They are ideally well suited to operations with high volume SKUs, goods to person order consolidation using a put wall/pack wall combination, for high density storage needs, for kitting needs, or any operation that deals in small parts, such as HVAC, Automotive, and HVAC .

Put walls work great for:

  • High Volume Skus
  • Goods to person order consolidation using a put wall/pack wall combination
  • High density storage
  • Kitting
  • Small parts

Put-to-light consolidation walls are a proven, cost-effective solution, especially when combined with intelligent software, put-to-light devices, and flexible racking, customized to your operations. Numina Group’s Real-time Distribution Software (RDS™), a Tier 1 WES-WCS integrates the put wall into the operation’s work flow using order release optimization and cartonization.

Benefits of Put-to-Light Consolidation

  • 99% accuracy rates
  • Shorten order fulfillment cycle times
  • Lower operational costs through reduced labor and reduced errors
  • Improved customer service


Put-to-Light Consolidation Walls facilitate batch picking

Put to light is a highly efficient and cost effective way to batch pick hundreds of orders throughout the DC, gaining 30 to 50% higher productivity than discrete order picking. Put-to-light walls streamline batch order zone picking throughout the DC and automate the sorting of the SKU’s to individual orders.

“Workers can average 400-500 scans and puts per hour, a significant efficiency gain over traditional order fulfillment .”


Items are “batch picked” and moved by tote or pallet to the put-to-light wall, where workers sort them into customer order cubbies. The worker scans the barcoded item, the message display and indicator light are energized indicating to the worker the location and the quantity of the item to be placed. The operator places the item or items and confirms the task by pressing the button or scanning the put location with a wearable ring scanner.  Scanning the location eliminates seconds per put, delivers higher accuracy, and can eliminate the majority of secondary checking, resulting in higher order fulfillment pick, pack, and ship productivity.

The sorting process is directed by a light system and can also integrate voice-directed technology for further speed and accuracy increases. RDS™ Pick by Voice combined with Put to Light order consolidation provides the ability to batch pick hundreds of orders in a fast and highly accurate manner across all  warehouse zones. Order totes or hamper carts are directed to the Put Walls for order consolidation and pack to shipping cartons. Batch cart picking is ideally suited to the latest generation of autonomous vehicles that automate the transport of the batch pick cart to the put walls, packing, and shipping areas.

A flexible and easily deployable put wall accelerates ROI

Order sorting velocity is dramatically accelerated by centralizing the task in a condensed order consolidation wall to minimize worker movement, guided by technology to direct item sorting. Numina Group has found Meta Storage Solutions’ Shelving as a great product to use for our Put Wall applications. Meta’s clip shelving systems are modular, with no tools needed for installation.  Meta shelves install in a fraction of the time that other shelving systems we have used, saving time and money for our customers and getting their operation up and running quicker.

Because the Meta shelves are modular, it is easy to change configuration when your operations’ needs change. For example, you may need to change the cubby size or add additional shelving or units. Put Walls are used to consolidate a mix of products of varying sizes. Meta Solutions are modular, providing the ability to create multiple cubby sizes within the same unit. Each order can be directed to a right sized cubby, which is a space savings advantage over one sized cubbies, allowing the put wall to handle more orders or storage of parts.

“With Meta Storage we were able to complete installation of a large Put Wall System in half the time of other products that we used. The put walls were easily configured without using tools to the dimensions that we needed for our clients products and will be easy to reconfigure if their SKU sizes change.” Eric Raschke Numina Group’s Service and Installation Manager

Advantage of Meta Storage Solutions

  1. Rapid installation without tools
  2. Flexible configuration
  3. Edge of Shelves have a space for ease of mounting the light assembly
  4. Attractive galvanized finish

Contact us to learn more about the benefits of flexible put-to-light consolidation walls offered by Meta Storage and the Numina Group.