Picking the Best Picking System

Processing speed and order accuracy are vital requirements in order fulfillment, allowing distribution companies to remain competitive and meet same-day order delivery demands. To achieve a fast, low cost, and accurate business model, distribution centers (DCs) are turning to leaner processes managed more efficiently, using automated order fulfillment technologies proven to reduce costs, improve accuracy, and reduce the reliance on manual labor.

Designing and selecting the right processes and implementing the right technology investment is complicated without a knowledgeable partner. The Numina Group has been implementing automated pick, pack, and ship distribution operations focused on streamlining costs for over three decades matched to the clients’ requirements. 

Pick by Voice, Pick to Lights, AMR Robots, and More!

Voice Picking Technologies Streamline Operations

With 55%1 of a DC’s operating costs consumed by order picking, Numina Group focuses on processes and technology that provide clients’ the best ROI to enhance their order fulfillment operation. Our solutions consistently exceed performance specifications, delivering higher accuracy and improved operational profitability.

  • Voice-Picking – Simultaneously improves operator pick rates and accuracy. Voice streamlines the entire operation by directing workers in an optimized travel path, eliminating paper and manual data entry and reliance on paper or a mobile terminal, that require the operator to stop to read. Voice Picking combines fast, lean voice commands and hands-free scan validation to enforce real-time best picking practices. A worker can be productive in 15 minutes with minimal training time. Our RDS Voice Suite can be bolted on to your existing ERP or legacy WMS to add efficient order release logic, pick to carton cartonization, and other advanced warehouse practices to empower your team to pick more orders using 30-50% less labor.
  • Pick-to-Light – High density and high-velocity order picking, especially with small size each pick SKU order profiles, can obtain 400-500 lines per hour picking with pick-to-light technology. The combination of a hands-free Zebra RS 5100 ring scanner combined with intelligent message displays at each pick location directs hands free, fast, and accurate picking productivity.  Numina Group’s Pick-to-Light system increases speed and accuracy and operates seamlessly with existing ERP and WMS Systems.
  • Robots, Co-bots and Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs)Research suggests 4 million2 robots will be deployed at over 50,000 warehouses by 2025. Numina Group is leading the way, installing AMRs to automate the movement of batch pick carts across multiple pick zones and moving pick completed orders to the automated pack and ship area. Voice directs the picking and operator movement from zone to zone, eliminating wasted walk time and labor spent pushing carts. The combination of voice directed picking integrated with AMR technology for pushing/transporting batch carts accelerates the performance across the entire pick, pack and ship operations.

Numina Group’s application expertise and family of advanced automation technologies are incorporated into RDS™, Real-time Distribution System, our highly scalable Warehouse Execution and Control System, (WES-WCS). Our voice-directed automated warehouse systems boost accuracy rates to 99.9% and allow DC’s to process orders more quickly and efficiently with less labor!

These are just some of the ways new technology is reshaping the future of efficient DC operations. At Numina Group, we’ll partner with your team to tailor a solution to eliminate bottlenecks and increase the order flow throughout your operation for maximized profitability.  Set up a meeting with one of our automation experts to explore the right solutions that will result in a rapid ROI.


  1. 50,000 Warehouses to Use Robots by 2025 as Barriers to Entry Fall and AI Innovation Accelerates. AP News. Mar 26, 2019.